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If you're a young company and in business for the long run I would invest in your infrastructure. Make sure the cable in your building is Cat6 or better. This way when Gig speeds become affordable you will get the full benefit from your cable investment. Use Cloud VoIP Phones and embrace the flexibility to work anywhere. Use Cloud Routers gives your tech support team the ability to better protect your company from hackers meanwhile improving response time with SLA and Outage Alarms.  Use Data Analytics to get an understanding of how calls flow into your business. Integrate Voice and Data with affordable CRM Integration.  Integrate you cell phone so you can make a call and it appears that the call is coming from your office.  Use inexpensive backup to keep your phones working when your Primary ISP goes down. Today’s young talent embrace this type of technology and adapt to it quickly. In this cloud world the sky is the limit.

Telephone Technology Integration is an Authorized Avaya Business Partner and a Master Agent for over 100 carriers.  We can bring multiple phone options to the table without the need to find 3 or 4 business.


If your business doesn't require high-end Cloud features or maybe you have a  plan to sell your company and retire in the 5 to 10 years, I would seriously consider the Avaya IP Office PBX.  When you break out the monthly cost for a new Avaya System you will find it cost the same or sometimes less than most VoIP Cloud Systems. Once the system is paid off it cost way less to pay for a few SIP Trunks vs. paying for every Cloud Phone. The Avaya IP Office has the flexibility to use Digital, IP & Analog all in one system. This means you don't have to rewire your building or upgrade your Data Network. The Avaya IP Office integrates Paging System, Door Phones, Conference Equipment & Headsets. The IP Office works with Verizon or Comcast POTS Lines, T1 Lines and or SIP Trunks. The IP Office 500 is a feature rich system that offers Mobile Twinning, Voicemail to Email. It's flexible so you can create Group Calling and Blast Voice Messages to a team or the entire company. You can use IP Phones for remote staff and network with multiple locations and systems. The phone sets are high end and easy to use. The IPO500 is reliable and scalable and affordable. TTI offers on-site technical support, training and remote support. 

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