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Get access to a full-featured communications solution without the up-front capital investment. Let Avaya worry about the deployment and management details while you focus on improving your business. We offer solutions tailored to midsize businesses and large enterprises.

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Polycom Cloud Services to Avaya's Cloud

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When it comes third party devices integrating with Avaya all the top manufacturers built their devices with Avaya in mind. Why? Because they know that Avaya is in more businesses than any other manufacturer.  This gives you more products to choose from so you can pick the right device that meets your budget. Many times in a Hosted application you only have one manufacturer that works with Hosted Phone. Often the feed back we get is the customer is disappointed with the limited accessory options and reporting tools.

Improved Technical Support

Avaya's new IP Office Cloud based system is unique application that allows your Business Partner the ability manage your system without the IP Office being on site. This way you don't have to sacrifice on-site technical support.

​​​​​​Avaya has been leading the telecommunications industry for over 100 years. The inventor of the Call Center is also the first to integrate Analog, Digital, Voip in all one system. Now Avaya has added their Hosted Solutions to the mix. While the competition tries to copy Avaya's innovation and leadership one thing is clear, they all wait to see what move Avaya makes and then try to catch up as Avaya sets the market in telecommunications.  

The result, poor remote technical service, less 3rd party products to introduce and no on-site technical support.

Avaya IP Office Devices

Avaya Hybrid Solutions

Leveraging a common Avaya code base and reference architecture, engagement solutions can be distributed across cloud and data center architectures to meet your unique needs for flexibility, scalability, reliability, and security.

Avaya Powered Solutions

Get the same communications solutions, tools, and benefits you receive from on-premises deployments—but in a cloud model. These solutions are managed and delivered by our extensive network of partners.


Why Avaya's Cloud has the Edge over the rest

Avaya Cloud Service

* On-site Training vs. Webinars


* On-site Technicians for ​Troubleshooting

* Local support for expansion

* Dedicated Account Management Team

​* Scheduled upgrades after hours

               Conference Phones                                  Avaya, Polycom Konftel & Clear One 

               Headsets                                                     Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser & Smith Corona

               Switches                                                      Avaya Extreme, Cisco & NetGear

               Routers                                                         Edge Marc, NetGear & Adran

               Session Boarder Controller                      Avaya & Edge Marc

​               Call Accounting Software                         Datel & Tapit Nova

*Call Accounting Software: Upgrade to a better and more sophisticated Call Accounting Software vs. Hosted limited reports. No matter if Hosted or PBX, when your Call Center lives off reports most Hosted Providers fall short in call reporting. All the charts and graphs don't mean anything if the reports are not accurate and limited in functionality.  That's the difference between Avaya DevConnect Partners and the competition. DevConnect Partners design their products to work with all types of businesses in mind. Often if a report is not available TTI can help find a DevConnect Partner that will customize something just for your business. 

No wonder why 90% of Fortune 500 Companies invest in Avaya Communications.

Avaya has positioned Account Executives all around the U.S.  They team up with Business Partners like Telephone Technology Integration and better service your account instead of having a Hosted company whom you will never get to meet and who will never really understand your business needs. By investing in Avaya IP Office you get both the Manufacturer and TTI teaming up to help you win! 

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TTI Devices Used to Integrate with Avaya Premise & Cloud Based IP Office