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The Avaya IP Office is a single, stackable, scalable small business system that grows with your business easily and cost-effectively. Built from ground up specifically for small and mid-sized businesses, IP Office offers technical flexibility - it uses digital, analog, IP, Sip or any combination of these and resiliency.

Avaya Security
Avaya 1416 Phone

Average Hosted System - 15 Phones

$20.00 ea = $300.00 mo

  • No On-Site Support
  • Webinar Training vs Live Training
  • Limited Remote Support
  • High Staff Turnover
  • No to little support from Sales Team
Avaya Cloud
Avaya Gui Interface

The Avaya IP Office R11 has Gui Interface that allows easy access to an on-line portal so you can make your program changes from any of your devices. Even better you can rely on TTI to remote into your IP Office System and make program changes for you. This way you can focus on your business and we will focus on your communications. 

SIP Trunks
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In many cases we find SIP along with Avaya IP Office 0% Finance offer comes in less than what you will spend every month on a Hosted System. Let's Compare!

Avaya 0% FMV Lease

Avaya IP Office and SIP Trunks

  • 15 Phones = $8,000.00
  • Avaya Monthly Cost = $133.36
  • 10 SIP Trunks = $149.00 mo.
  • Total Monthly = $282.36
  • 16 Button Display Phone Sets
  • 5 Year FMV True Lease
  • No Money Down Payment

Avaya IP Office, SIP Trunks and Avaya Phones​​​. Servicing Philadelphia, Mount Laurel, Marlton and Cherry Hill

Avaya Premise Based System

The key word here is CONTROL. When you move to hosted you give up control of your communications. You now rely on the Hosted Provider's infrastructure to be running as good as yours.   You lose personal relationship with your Business Partner and now you become just a number and not a valued customer. As mandatory upgrades change your communications you will become at the mercy of rising price changes and poor onsite support. Some say "I'll let my Data Team handle this for me". Well the maintenance cost for your data team to maintain your communications will be costing you more than if you simply purchased a Avaya IP Office System. Business Partners like Telephone Technology Integration does not force our customers to purchase maintenance and if you did purchase our Maintenance plan you will find it's 50-75% less than the average DataCom Maintenance price.

​​​​The Award Winning Avaya IP Office 500 SIP Integration Phone System

Cost Analysis

The award winning Avaya IP Office 500 is the fasted growing premise based system in the world. This feature rich phone system makes communicating with your staff and your customers simple and easy. With great new easy to use features like Voicemail to Email, Call Twinning, Call Recording and so much more the Avaya IP Office promises not to disappoint. 

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15 Phones X $25 ea = $375.00 mo

  • Includes on-site & remote support & training
  • 24 Button Phone Sets
Avaya IP Office 500
Avaya Premise Based Systems
Avaya One-X
Hosted Systems
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The Avaya IP Office 500v2 R10 can integrate with SIP Trunks. SIP can help you save your company hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year on your phone bill. Now is the time to take advantage of SIP Trunks low cost of only $17.99 per line.  The savings on your phone bill can help for a quick ROI plus SIP Trunks enhance your Avaya IP Office allowing for new features that is not offered in a POTS line application.