SimpleWan SD-WAN -  cloud based managed network over public internet 


SimpleWan is a subscription and hardware based firewall designed for small, medium and enterprise level businesses that allows them to improve overall connectivity. That means improvements to overall traffic speed, VoIP call quality, security and general IT cost and maintenance. SimpleWan is a wholesale product for service providers that deploys network equipment of any kind on their customer’s premises.

The SimpleWan solution is comprised of a cloud based service. The Service, with small modular boxes (known as nodes), is deployed at any location that has an Internet connection. The system creates a network of devices that can give the cloud manager control over the local and wide area network of the customer, while managing the through put and function passing via the WAN. SimpleWan’s technologies can manage these independently from one source or link the nodes together creating a large wide area network with an easy to control single interface. The cloud manager to the end user has the ability to manage the network in real time via the cloud portal.

SimpleWan provides incredible security while assisting service providers, making sure that every customer location remains in compliance at the highest levels. SimpleWan technology allows the end user as much access as the service provider wants to allow. If the provider or the end user make changes that are in violation of security policies, the service provider is made aware of the issue and advised of a solution.

SimpleWan is the perfect fit for Avaya IP Office System that integrate with SIP Trunks in a SD-Wan environment or single site application . The SimpeWan Routers can alarm TTI and let us know if your Internet is down, experiencing heavy packet loss and detect hacking breaches.   

Key Features Include:

- Traffic Management
- Fail-Over
- Voice Prioritization
- Network Monitoring
- Content Filter
- Breach Detection
- Redundancies
- HIPAA Compliant
- PCI 3.0 Compliant

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