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Average Yearly Cost to replace defective equipment or troubleshoot Avaya IP Office Phone System = $87.67

23 SIP Trunks Monthly


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IP Office can reuse existing wires



Average Yearly Cost  to replace defective equipment or troubleshoot Avaya IP Office Phone System = $38.77

POE Switches & Router & Labor



November 1, 2019

It seems Cloud and IT Companies have been doing an excellent job in striking uncertainty into customers who want to purchase a PBX or an Avaya IP Office. From blogs to videos, end-users are bombarded with information that On-Prem systems are a thing of the past because of the high cost to purchase and maintain that system. They always end their pitch by asking you

"DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE IN THE PHONE SYSTEM GAME?" As cheesy as it sounds that line seems to work.

TTI decided to go through our 2018-2019 list of Avaya IP Office customers and take a hard look at what they spend to maintain their Avaya investment.  Out of 100 Systems the average cost came to $64.00 a year to maintain.  Below's example are customers who experienced a malfunction in the phone system or required program changes. 

TTI has IP Office customers that range from 5 to 250 phones per account. Many of our customers are single site customer who have an Avaya IP Office Phone System with SIP Trunks, PRI T1, or POTS Lines. TTI also has several customers who network their multi-sites with either SD-Wan, VPN or MPLS Networks. We have included them in this analysis. ​​


November 1,  2019

So lets explore a current cost for a 30 phone Law Firm who just purchased a system from us today. Customer had and Avaya Magix Phone System that was stable and ran for over 15 years with little cost put into servicing the system.  They have a PRI T1 line with Windstream and spend about $750.00 a month on their bill.  The move to TTI v250 SIP will save this customer $400.00 a month on their phone bill.  The infrastructure is not setup to handle VoIP so they will need to invest in their network so they can handle all the extra data traffic. Below is the cost for both Cloud / Hosted and Avaya PBX / Premise Based System. 

Avaya IP Office made better sense to this Law Firm because they don't need IP Phones to do anything out of the ordinary of there everyday duties. Customer will get VoIP Features like Voicemail to E-mail, Mobile Twinning, Hot Desk and will be able to us the  Conference Bridge.  Customer can deploy IP Phones for remote staff, track all phone calls, Page all the phones and their clients will hear Customized Music on Hold.

Customer saved $2,819 in upfront cost over Cloud Solution and they got higher end phone sets. Customer will get on-site Training vs. Virtual Training.  TTI will be able to offer remote and on-site support. SIP Trunks will allow for automatic failover to POTS Lines, 4G LTE cellular backup.  TTI will be able to monitor the phone system, Internet and get real time alarms of any outages.

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